We built CyberStart, the gamified cyber security education platform used by over 200k young adults in the UK and US

CyberStart product UI

Engaging design

Our product, design and marketing teams created an immersive and accessible product that puts user experience first.

Scalable technology

Our technology team, which includes development, data and devops, built a product which is used daily by tens of thousands of people.

Cutting edge security

Our security team built over 200 interactive security challenges ranging from simple and accessible through to extreme.

CyberStart brand

We designed a fun and accessible brand that resonates with a diverse set of young adults

Designing an education platform for a complex (and sometimes dry) subject like cyber security, that had to be accessible to all ability levels and engaging for young adults ranging in age from 13-18, was an incredible challenge! But the feedback we receive daily from students all around the world whose life it changes makes the continued effort more than worth it.


CyberStart Game is like nothing I've ever seen before. It was an absolute godsend for someone new to the industry.

Daniel Milnes, Student

CyberStart security challenges

We built cutting edge security challenges that take students on a learning journey

The audience for new CyberStart students ranges from young adults with no technical or security background, right through to enthusiastic hobbyists who have done their own experimenting. By building a fictional narrative that you're a new agent in the 'Cyber Protection Agency', using elements of gamification to encourage engagement, and taking the students on a journey which mirrors elements of real workplace cyber security professionals, we are able to get them enthusiastic about a career many don't even know exists when they start playing the game.

CyberStart marketing

We designed attractive marketing campaigns for national programmes

As well as designing and building CyberStart, our team are deeply involved in its marketing. Whether that's directly to end users at cyberstart.com, or as part of one the national programmes it gets used in, like Cyber Discovery in the UK, or CyberStart America in the US, our marketing team have built dozens of innovative campaigns which have attracted hundreds of thousands of students, teachers and parents to get involved.