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Helical Levity

Who we are

At Helical Levity we're working on some of the hardest problems in cyber security. Challenges such as identifying the aptitude traits of successful cyber security practitioners, designing games to encourage young adults to get in to security, as well as building complex hackathons, ranges and competitions. An innovative group of around 30 designers, developers, analysts and security professionals, we firmly believe that diverse skills, approaches and thought processes applied to hard problems always leads to the best creative solutions.

We also work on top tier security research and tools. Our customers come to us when they have a hard problem that can't be solved by just running a scan or engaging in standard security process - we've worked on new tools and research to hook 'unhookable' mobile applications, dissect encrypted data and find ways to blow it open (that was fun, we had to build new hardware rigs), develop new attack techniques for 'unusual' systems, build hackable badges for team problem solving, and provide high end security advice in some of the world's most challenging environments.

We believe in building world class products that make an impact. Whether it's our experience team conducting user research, our design team building innovative approaches to complex user experience challenges, our development team cutting clean scalable code, or the security team pushing the boundaries of attack, defence and forensics - we're all focused on creating intuitive and attractive solutions that work to solve the hardest problems in cyber security.

Current openings

Senior Marketing Executive

Help drive the marketing and communications strategy for our global CyberStart programmes.

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Senior Lead Developer

We're looking for strong developer who is interested in developing into a lead position.

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Senior Developer

We're looking for a passionate developer who delivers secure, maintainable and scalable solutions for an ambitious cyber security education product.

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Senior Front-end / PHP Developer

We're looking for a strong front-end developer with React and PHP experience who will be pivotal in helping the team make front-end architectural decisions for our applications.

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DevOps Engineer

We are looking for a DevOps Engineer to join our technology team and take care of all our infrastructure.

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Working with us

We always need smart, creative and determined people to help us solve interesting and hard problems in security, design, research and development, and we're committed to providing a fantastic environment to do amazing work. You will be surrounded by brilliant people from diverse backgrounds with a plethora of skills and whom want to work across traditional silos to find new approaches. We back up our culture with excellent hardware, software and tools to deliver at your best.

You could be at any point in your career, from setting out, to hugely accomplished and experienced. We pride ourselves on giving people a place to work on interesting problems, to sharpen their skills and build a platform for their career going forwards. If you want to help us build new tools, research entirely new domains or design innovative solutions in a uniquely creative and fun environment, HL could be for you.

Helical Levity

Spotlight: James Lyne, Founder

James Lyne

James Lyne is the founder of Helical Levity. A self-professed 'massive geek' and world renowned cyber security expert, James has extensive experience in tackling complex business and security challenges, both as founder and Managing Director of Helical Levity, and in his role as Head of R&D at SANS.

Energetic, passionate and charmingly nerdy, he's appeared on multiple national TV programs, such as CNN, NBC, BBC News and Bill Maher, as well giving several TED talks.

His passion for making cyber security accessible and interesting led to him founding Helical Levity, bringing together a group of talented and ambitious people to help solve a wide range of complex challenges.

If you're interested in finding out more about James visit his personal website where you can watch his TED talks and other videos. You can also see him on the Bill Maher show with Snoop Dogg. Yes, Snoop Dogg, really.

Helical Levity

What we offer

Flexible work weeks

Working on hard problems sometimes requires a bit of hustle to get the job done. But we want you to work efficiently and with flexibility, rather than making work entirely at odds with life.

Remote or office working

Many of our employees mix and match remote and office working - our systems and flexible working culture are both set up to allow both and embrace the benefits that each can bring.

Small friendly teams

We aren't a vast corporate with complex policies and politics. We're a close knit team of innovative people who actually care about the problems we are solving.

Fun team days out

We've ridden off-road Segways, smashed clay pigeons out of the sky, worked together to break out of a locked room and enjoyed the odd G&T on the way.

Best hardware & software

Macbook Pro's, iMacs, RED high resolution cameras, high end gaming gear, epic virtualisation rigs and high speed connectivity - we have the hardware and software for you to do amazing things.

Private health insurance

We provide private health insurance to keep you up and running mentally and physically. Our top tier health insurance is part of our commitment to making sure you don't need to worry.

Generous pension contribution

We pay ahead of the pension curve that the government has set out, and we'll be making sure to stay ahead of it. We like for our employees to be able to plan ahead.

Development & research

We encourage interesting personal development and working on research projects alongside day-to-day work. We actively budget and help you achieve this - it's fun and makes us all smarter.

Security training

We have a very close relationship with the world leading security training company, SANS. We work with them professionally, but we also leverage them to provide access to world class cyber security training for everyone in the company.

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