We're working on the hardest problems in cyber security

We're problem solvers

Solving the skills shortage in cyber security and educating the future generation of security professionals, whilst continuing to push the boundaries of computer security research. We're a team of passionate problem solvers tackling the hardest challenges we can find.

With unique insight

At its core Helical Levity is a high-end security research firm developing education tools that identifies and develops new talent. Made up of world class designers, developers and security researchers we're able to offer a unique level of insight into the challenges we're working on.

And extensive expertise

Led by renowned cyber security expert James Lyne and supported by an innovative, world-class team of individuals, we all have the same ambition – to use our extensive experience and expertise to creatively inspire people to look at cyber security differently.

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At the moment we're looking to fill a variety of roles. Interested in joining the team?

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